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  • Spiral Steel Pipe

    ship special spiral steel pipe

    product details


    Application fields of ship special spiral steel pipe:

    1. Various forms of circulating water systems (civil circulating water and industrial circulating water), ship special spiral steel pipes have excellent performance and anti-corrosion life up to 50 years.

    2. Fire water supply system.

    3. Water supply and drainage transportation of each building.

    4. All kinds of chemical fluid transport (acid, alkali, salt corrosion).

    5. Buried pipes and passing pipes of electric wires and cables.

    6. Mines, mine ventilation pipes, supply pipes and drainage pipes.

    This product has the following characteristics:

    1. Flame retardant and antistatic: the products are made of mine polyethylene paint, whose antistatic and flame retardant components are evenly distributed on the surface and inner layer of the pipe, in line with the requirements stipulated by MT181, and applicable to the specific places of inflammable and explosive under the mine.

    2. Strong adhesion: After coating, bonding and curing, the inner and outer surfaces of the coated plastic steel pipe have adhesion ≥30N/10mm and no damage after impact and tear of the drop hammer.

    3. Corrosion resistance, hard to scale, small fluid resistance.

    4. High pressure: The polyethylene powder coated with the ship special spiral steel pipe is of good toughness, high mechanical strength of the steel pipe, and has a strong bearing capacity to impact, bend and other external influences.

    Jinjiang Changjiang steel pipe Industrial Co., LTD. Specializes in the production and sales of screw steel pipes, seamless steel pipes, fujian spiral pipes and shelf pipes. Welcome to inquire: 86-0595-82151777