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  • Spiral Steel Pipe

    The thick-walled spiral pipe

    product details


    The thick-walled spiral pipe refers to the spiral pipe whose wall thickness is slightly thicker than ordinary spiral pipe.Compared with the ordinary thick - walled helix advantages are: high compressive strength, high impact strength, high safety performance, longer service life.The standard is 5037,9711 and API.With the development of the industry, the use of engineering for spiral pipe put forward higher request, the reason of appearing thick wall spiral pipe is some pipes need to transport medium of stress but normal spiral pipe cannot afford, if change to  straight seam steel pipe or seamless steel pipe, will greatly increase the project expenses, if it’s dangerous medium,certainly it’s inevitable to increase cost, so in the selection of pipe is the transmission medium and the medium according to the need of engineering can produce pressure.

    Jinjiang Changjiang Steel pipe Industrial Co., LTD. Specializes in the production and sales of thick wall spiral pipe, Fujian seamless pipe, Fujian spiral pipe and shelf pipe, welcome to inquire: 86-0595-82151777